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I was born in Basel as the youngest of four children and grew up bilingual (French/Swiss German). At the age of 17 I lived in Canada for a year, which is why English became a third native tongue - that is why I write and sing in all three languages.


After graduating from high school, I studied child and adolescent psychology at the University of Basel, as the diversity of people and working with children / adolescents have always fascinated me. During this time, while studying, I began to work at a small school for very behavioral children. A very strenuous, but fulfilling job, during which I was able to experience an incredible number of intense, creative and intimate encounters, and which has shaped me very much. I stayed here for 17 years until the school had to close its doors.


At the same time as studying psychology, I took singing lessons and regularly attended courses at the Basel Jazz School in order to develop myself further in my great passion, singing. After successfully completing my psychology studies, I immediately began studying singing at the International Music College Freiburg (at that time still a jazz and rock school) and successfully completed this three years later - already pregnant with my first child.


One year after the birth of my second child, I joined the internationally renowned Freiburg Jazz Choir and have been singing there with passion as a choir member and soloist ever since. In addition to family, work and sport, I was able to live music and experience numerous impressive musical highlights in different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Japan and Korea).


After my above-mentioned school closed, I founded a private school with five other women and developed my own educational concept with them ( ).


All this time, my dream was dormant to be able to devote myself more to music and to write, record and perform my own music - UNTIL NOW. After all these valuable, fulfilling and necessary sections on my life path, I am



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